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  • 12/11/18

    Urban Pioneers project grid

    Here is this half term's project grid.
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  • 20/09/18


    Our Science lesson this week was all about flowers.
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  • 10/09/18

    Tribal tales project grid

    Tribal Tales will be Year 3s first project in Chaucer Junior School!
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  • 07/06/18


    Our new topic this half term is called Scrumdiddlyumptious!
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  • 17/05/18

    Greek Myths

    As part of our topic and our English work we have been reading  different Greek Myths.
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  • 26/04/18

    Gods and mortals

    This week we have started our new topic
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  • 15/03/18

    Aquatic animals

    As part of our Predator and Prey topic we have been looking at aquatic animals
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  • 27/02/18

    Predator and prey project grid

    Here is our new topic for this half term, sounds and exciting one!!!
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  • 22/01/18

    What's inside the earth?

    Our Science topic is all about rocks, we have been looking at what is inside the Earth.
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  • 18/01/18


    Eager to get started on your new project for Tremors?
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  • 10/11/17

    urban pioneers project grid

    Here is the new project grid for this  half term.
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