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Last weeks's Attendance = 97.1%  BRILLIANT!!!!

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    Latest Blog Comments
    • Will we do magnets when we come back? – Rylea Beagley
      Posted in What are magnets used for? March 30, 2015
    • some magnets atraked and relp – Lola
      Posted in What are magnets used for? March 30, 2015
      Posted in Stone Age Day March 30, 2015
    • Looks like you were right to be so confident, Mrs Upton. We've already surpassed last year's tally with several months still to go. – Mr Woodcock
      Posted in School Games Championship March 29, 2015
    • I think we did brilliant I have to admit I think the girls won it for us so if it weren't for the girls we probably wouldn't have come 3rd P.S Thank you Mr Woodcock for my chips they were a great surprise and really yummy – Morgan Wilson
      Posted in Sportshall Results Update March 29, 2015