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School Council

News from school council meetings.

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  • 08/05/17

    Meeting 5.5.17

    Keeping children safe and making changes
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  • 13/05/16

    13.5.16 School Council Meeting

    13.5.16 - School Council Meeting
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  • 28/09/15

    School Council Vision 2015-16

    What do we want to achieve this year?
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  • 16/10/14

    School Council meeting 16.10.14

    Proud to be making a difference!
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  • 15/10/14

    School Council October 2014

    Our first full meeting brought about instant change for the pupils of Chaucer Junior School
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  • 07/07/14

    Visiting Richardson Endowed Primary

    We have had a wonderful morning as the school council of Chaucer Junior School came to visit
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  • 08/04/14

    Wall Painting Progress

    the New Target Wall mural is coming along very nicely
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  • 08/04/14

    Target Wall Winners

    Although there were many good designs, Pretoria was a clear winner.
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  • 11/02/14

    Target Wall Competition

    Enter your designs for the target wall!
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