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Another productive meeting!

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School Council Meeting – 6.11.15

  1. Chair gave out is the tyre park ideas and we were thinking about the best style, how strong they were, how big it was.  Mrs Upton will bring plans to meeting when she has them for school council to discuss
  2. Gave out badges
  3. Solar stop watch being ordered

Ideas to consider

4OS – Check locks in toilet

4R – Check locks in toilet  - Mrs Upton to check and replace if needed

5TW – Class Pet, Cooking Club and better dictionaries – Korben and Aaliyah and ask Miss Mee for some more dictionaries – more difficult words in.

5TW – Refill drinks at dinner

5S – Make sure people don’t come in before the bell.  – Ryan and Ollie to remind Mrs U to tell children in assembly

6S – Doors on changing rooms – not possible for health and safety

Bring in old shoes

6H – Shade & Quiet Area – in progress at top of path – landscape garden

6H – Cut trees back behind wall.


By Aaliyah Rezeg