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13.5.16 School Council Meeting

13.5.16 - School Council Meeting

School Council Meeting – 13.5.16

WE had a look at our school council vision and we have done more than half of it.  This includes friendship bench, solar stop watch, quiet area on order

Classes made suggestions

3MB-If you have been to reflection for something and you go in again for the same reason, the time in reflection will double and parents will be invited to school to speak with the head teacher .

Doors on changing rooms were requested but AU said that these are being converted into a community room for September 2016.

3S – We want more trips- Mrs Upton replied by saying visitors had commented just this morning on how lucky children are at this school with no. of trips. Visitors also said how wonderful the behaviour is here

They wants arts and crafts at lunch- Mrs Upton to see if possible

Mrs Upton going to check out girls toilets and remove tissue in locks as unhygienic

4os-Friendship team to take the listen ear box out with paper and pen.

4R-different rewards to be considered for house points instead of bronze, silver etc

5s-Talk to the dinner ladies about a gymnastic area/zone.  Also talk to them to make sure they explain when they are cross what the child has done wrong

All classes to use counters method for house points so no cheating like 5TW and 3S

5TW-bowling alley, swimming, rollerworld –bouncy castle-pyjama  party next reward for winning house points – Mrs Upton to consider this.               


By Aaliyah Rezeg.