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Meeting 6-1-17

School Council 2016-17  Minutes 06-01-17


Chair – Amelia Faulks

Vice Chair – Jasper Thorp

Secretary – Ruby Saunders

Treasurer – Romeo Nelson & Korben Mottram


Community Garden -ideas for its use and how to use it.

  • Reward for children
  • Timetable to do relaxing and calm activities e.g reading arts and crafts, loom bands
  • Monitor who supervises e.g school council
  • Nerf Guns to help?
  • Mrs Wheatley expands garden into it
  • Not to be used for running e.g hide and seek
  • Mrs Leeson could supervise it and do activity box
  • Grow veg in it and donate to community e.g Ilkeston Arena
  • Cool off corner?


How would we open it?

Red ribbon cut & Carpet?

Representative from Arena Church

Governor & Councillor & Mayor & School Council?

Academy headteacher


Name Calling –Has it reduced?After our zero tolerance?


  • Yes as they have got the message it is not ok
  • Majority got the message
  • Few individuals who are being dealt with separately.
  • Children realise if there is name calling then there will be a consequence.