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Meeting 5.5.17

Keeping children safe and making changes

School Council Meeting


Friday 5th May @ 2pm

Minutes by Ruby Saunders

  • What do I do if I have a problem?

    The school council explored the proposed sheet around

    The above and made the following suggestions:

  • It is a brilliant idea!!
  • Friend ship team to share outside
  • Pin to buddy bench
  • Box of feelings – put in  paper slips and they are read by adult each day
  • Displayed around school on the community room door ,community garden
  • Bubble time board – move name if sad
  • We want children to not phone up for small fall outs with friends
  • Next to teachers desk


    Ideas from the School Council Surgery


    3MB -   just from above

    3HR  -a sign for the field and bank to see if it is open- AU to order

    4OS -  more handwriting pens- AU to order

    4CH –check out temperature of water in children’s toilets is it too hot?  Mr Mathers to check

    5GS – pj day

    5HT-Mrs Upton has agreed to ensure the field is in use at dinner when dry. Consider a class pet

    New resources for community

    Mrs Upton to ask middays why we agreed for sandwiched to sit separately.  More discos and non uniform.

    Handryers for hands

    6SS –consider fidget spinner in class, sign to show if the community garden is open    

    6TS – order kindness stickers for on spot rewards