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School Council - October 12th 2012

School Council - October 12th 2012

School Council Minutes –

Friday 12th October 2012



Points Discussed


Positions in School Council


Comments about the target wall:

6h-Motto,mini target, school targets,

Friendship wall and link to rewards and giant whiteboard, model tank, all names of pupils, extend it, shelter and graffiti wall

3m-times tables wall, teaching area, repaint, chalk board, art wall.

4t- season decorations, get rid of it, shoe laces instructions, alarm, climbing wall, mirror shelter, toy baskets, map, satellite dish

6O/S- graffiti wall, get rid of most of wall and remake stone path, pictures of school

5b- game instructions, snack stand, shelter, play area, repaint, photo of logo, quiet area lunch

5s- Mosaque, knock it down, more targets, sports.

3s- Information wall, rock wall, repaint, notice board, football game rebound wall.


Joshua Woods Chair

Alysia Briggs – Vice Chair

Luis Whitehouse-Secretary

William White-treasurer

Feedback to class for next week.



















Idea for development decided next week

Junior Leaders will run 2 games


DONM – Tues 6th Nov @11.45