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December Minutes

December minutes

School Council Minutes –

Friday 2nd December 2011


Points Discussed


Who responsible

Suggestions  for improving Reading Scheme

4/5H –Annuals e.g Guinness Records

3M- History and International Books

6B Jacqueline Wilson & Diary of Wimpy Kid

6M Guinness Book of Records & Child’s Newspaper

4/5T-Star Wars Narnia and Claira Bean

5OS- Dick King Smith

3S – French Books

Using all the suggestions the School Council will pitch to Governors a wish list.  They hope to get around £100

Pitch organisation on 6th Jan

Pitch to Governors 9th Feb 5.30

Ask governors


Xmas Fair Stall

Tues 13th Dec 3-5pm

Best Pitch for a stall wins a place at Christmas Fair

All pitch by Mon 5th Dec

  • Handwriting Pens/Glue Sticks/Whiteboard Pens/Crayon need ordering
  • Greenhouse for Gardening
  • More Dance/Gymnastics
  • More play equipment – tyres
  • Music at dinner
  • Playground Markings
  • Paper Bin coned off
  • Doors for changing rooms
  • Single year groups on football
  • Themed Chaucer Chat
  • More tuck shops

Christmas Tuck Shop – Fri  16th  Dec







Mrs Upton to investigate points and report back next week

School Council order and set up Thurs 15th Dec with Mrs Upton





Mrs Upton

DONM  Fri 14th October 11.30am




Minutes by Jessica Dove – Secretary 3S