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January 10th 2013

January 10th 2013

School Council Minutes –


Joshua Woods Chair

Alysia Briggs – Vice Chair

Luis Whitehouse-Secretary

William White-treasurer



Points Discussed




Climbing wall.


Sandwich monitors’ have key for door


Tuck shop- minimise line.


6H- targets photocopied to save time

Add to trim trail.


Upper school girls water fountain not working.

Food going cold enough.


Xbox for reward time.

Benches on field in summer.




More awareness of messages.

At parents sports club.

Wear non uniform on birthdays.

Sit with your friends on birthday

5S- Friendship team.

Donating spare kit for people that have forgotten.

Quiet Area too noisy.


Toilet Monitor’s



3M- Fruit stall.

More Equipment.


60/S- Football net on wall.

Markings Re done.

Cinema Club.


3S- Bug hotel.

Golden time.

Litter Pickers.

When going to other classes choose who they want to be in their class.




  William and Joshua are measuring and ordering






Mention to teachers 4 lines for the tuck shops.




Mrs Upton to get a repair man to sort it.

Next week create a tally of how good people think the new kitchen is.


Take half up to the field and leave the others on the playground.

International week do carvings on benches.

Mention in assembly.

Learn woodcraft for benches.

Discussed and too many problems.

Start in September

Mrs Farrel find time to meet.

Send letter out for donations.


Mrs Upton talk to midday about the problem.




Mrs Upton talk to staff about it.





Ask Mrs Wheeldon about it.


Revive Bug hotel.

Mrs Upton ask staff.







Fri 25th January 11.45



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