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29th Jan 2013

Meeting 29.1.13

School Council Meeting – 29.1.13


Points Discussed


AU-  Joshua, William and Alyisia contacted Pete from traversing wall.

Organising book fair and new reading scheme by summer.  VERY EXCITING!!!!

3M- Cloakroom crowded- Reorganise pegs, Cloakroom monitors.

4T- Homework club

Street dance club

More uniform for friendship team- Alyisia talk to Mrs Farrell

5S- resources- AU order more pencils, pens and whiteboards

6O/S- More whiteboard pens- AU solved

Markings on playground- AU sort out next year.

Basketball hoops need nets putting up- AU order nets soon

Bad respect junior leaders more

6H- Survey on kitchen-food quantity improved

Miss Oldnall ordering stage for playground


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