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Exciting new ideas!!

School Council Minutes –




Points Discussed


3m-quiet area, shed. People need to not jump on these



3s-Concerned about Litter outside


4e – Target wall to be designed for playground.  Children enter competition run by school council –

4s-pegs in class room – more white boards and pens .

5w – more enterprise –more gardening club


Book Swap organised by Mrs Leeson with School Council in Book Week


School Sports Council Reps chosen and they will go to meeting Thurs 30th Jan


Councillors improving learning for all.  Stating to gather list of ideas from class on sheet given by Mrs Upton

Archie tell children in assembly

Mrs Upton talk to staff

William talk to Year6

Charlotte talk to middays about chalk board & Mr Lewis about Benches


Mrs Upton to organize a litter pick weekly

Cartoon Artist draws winning design on the wall


Mrs Upton order pens

Mrs Upton talk to Mrs Wheatley



Isabella organise







Gather ideas before Fri 24th Jan

DONM –  Fr 24th Jan 2014