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Week 2 at Forest Schools

Grass seed head making...

Forest Schools started off this week by introducing "Mrs Bradley, the Bear" to our group. Our circle game involved throwing and catching balls on the field. We wanted to see how many balls we could get going around the circle at one time. It took a little bit of practise to begin with, but eventually we had 4 balls in action at the same time.

We then went back in to the Forest School area to make grass seed heads. We had lots of fun filling the tights with grass seed and compost.


Our next job was to decorate the jars with materials that we could find in the forest and fill them with water.

Snack time under the shelter was fun!

Miss Singleton then asked us to work in pairs to find something that we could talk to the group about. There were lots of different magical objects found such as walking sticks, diamond swords, ninga coats and even bunny ears!!!

To finish our session we all had a talking tree board and wrote on them how we was feeling, Miss Singleton was really pleased with our comments.

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