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Week 3 at Forest Schools

Bird feeders and bee houses...

We've had such a lovely session today, with lots of different things happening!

To start with, Miss Singleton gave us a card with an animal paw print on it. Our job was to find the card with the same animal print, by asking each other questions without saying what animal it was.

Our next job was a little bit messy! We used coconuts shells, flour, oats, bird seed, sunflower seeds and lard, to make bird feeders.  We used our hands to mix all the ingredients together and then stuffed the empty coconuts shells with the mixture. Any mixture that was left, was stuffed into pine cones and put in the trees.

Our next job was to give the bees a home. Buzzzz, buzzzz, buzzzz!!!

Mrs Bradley kindly hung both the bee homes and the bird feeders, whilst we got on with our next job...

Miss Singleton gave us an empty match box. We had a little competition to see who could collect the most different items. The winner would receive house points!

Some of us collected woodlice, as well as other items found on the forest floor.

La'shae and Rosie were joint winners!

After evaluating how we work together, we gathered all the equipment and headed back inside to get ready to go home.

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