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Week 4 at Forest School

Bug hotels and bow & arrows...

This week at Forest School Miss Singleton and the children decided to help the insects by building them some new homes.

But to start our session we had a go at the ball throwing game, again. However it didn't work as well as last time because we used different balls.

We then went back into the forest and Miss Singleton told us how to make the bug hotels. We then split into two groups; The first group measured and cut the chicken wire wearing safety gloves, whilst the others collected items such as leaves and twigs etc to go inside the bug hotels.

Miss Singleton was very pleased with us for working well in teams and how we helped each other.

Corey and Daniel had a brilliant session! They worked really well together; what a great team!

Conner didn't want to make a bug hotel (which was ok) so he used his skills to build a bow and arrow! And what a great job he did!

Taylor and George also decided to build a bow and arrow.

Meanwhile the others were finishing their bug hotels and finding places to put them.

We found some of the bird feeders that we made last week, empty on the floor? We think that squirrels visited and ate the food and also chewed the twine.

Rosie had a go trying to find all the items on her list

She did really well and managed to find them all!

Afterwards we had cheese straws and juice for snack. We then used materials that we could find to make a face, to show how we felt the session went.

Corey and Daniel decided to work together again and made a fab job of their face.

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