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Week 5 at Forest Schools

Leaf bunting and natural wind chimes...

Despite the weather being a little damp, we had a lovely time today during forest school. We didn't let it put us off :)  

Miss Singleton spoke to us about flora and fauna aka plants and animals! Some of us was given a picture of an animal and the rest a fact card. We had to match both cards together without saying the name of the animal. Next we took it in turns to give the rest of the group facts to see if they could guess the animal we were thinking about.

After the group got split into two. The first group, with the help of Mrs Broadhurst and Mrs Bradley made bunting. We were each given a different letter to make up the word "Forest Schools". We layed leaves and flowers on fabric, to create the design of the letter. Then, used a hammer to press out the liquid that leaked onto the fabric.

Miss Singleton will sow it all together to create a string of bunting.

Meanwhile the rest of us worked hard making wind chimes using things we could find on the forest floor.

Although it was very fiddly, we persevered and they looked great!

Popcorn for snack today was a hit! We all enjoyed it.

To show Miss Singleton how we felt todays session went, we each choose a wooden disc. Daniel felt "very happy and enjoyed choosing leaves for his letter on the bunting"

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