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Week 8 at Forest Schools

Hazard spotting and working as a team to build our own games...

Today was the first day back outside in the forest. Miss Singleton talked to us about hazards that you could find in the forest. We each then had a red flag; our job was to find a hazard and mark it with the flag.Then we had to explain to the group why we put it there.

"Danielle the donkey" found one of the bug hotels we made and said "we need to be careful around the bug hotel so we don't trip over it and destroy the insects home."

"Crocy Bay" decided to put this flag on a branch that was sticking out. This would hopefully make us aware of it and stop people from walking into it.

Next we got into groups of three. Everyone in the group, except one got blind folded. The people who wasn't blind folded had to get their group onto the field safely.

Miss Singleton then stood in a different position on the field and banged a drum. The people who couldn't see had to use their senses and make their way towards the noise. The person in each team that wasn't blindfolded had to make sure that the rest of the group didn't walk into anything!

We had great fun!

Our next job was to stay in teams and visit each adult who had an activity for us.

Mrs Bradley the Bear, asked us to find materials so we could make a noughts and crosses game!

Mrs Broadhurst the Butterfly helped us to fill bottles with water and food colouring. We was going to make our own bowling alley but unfortunately we ran out of time. Miss Singleton said we will definitely play with them again soon.

Miss Singleton the Snake gave us a tricky task of getting a small ball from one end of the field to the other. However we wern't allowed to touch the ball with any part of our bodies. We used three pieces of guttering. We found it quite hard to start with but we soon got the hang of it!

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