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Week 9 at Forest Schools

Human animal making and knots...

We had a rainy week this week at Forest Schools but we didn't let the weather stop us from having fun!

For our first activity we got into groups of three and thought of an animal that we could make using our bodies.

Taylor, Connor and Bayley made themselves into a scary lion.

George, Naomi and Danielle created a cute bunny rabbit.

Daniel, La'shae and Corey shaped a flying seagull.

After we had snack under the shelter, Miss Singleton gave us four pieces of string. Working in pairs she asked us to collect four equally lengths sticks.

She then demonstrated to us the clove hitch. We then had a go. Some of us found it a little tricky but with the help of Mrs Broadhurst and Mrs Bradley we all managed to complete it.


Next Miss Singleton showed us a square lashing. This was a little fiddly but again we all tried really hard and managed to finish it. We then lashed two more sticks together creating a wooden frame.


We then used the frames to frame something we liked in the forest school area.

Connor used his frame to point it up towards the seeds hanging in the tree, "The seeds look like old bananas hanging in the tree!"

Daniel said "I like to see the red berries on the bush."

La'shae took her frame and placed it around our new sign!

Taylor took us across the field to show us how he like to see the sky poking through the leaves.

If you would like to have a go at tying these knots that we learnt, please follow these links.


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