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Week 10 at Forest Schools

Lots and lots to do at Forest School...

This week at Forest Schools the weather was a little damp but this wasn't going to stop us! There was lots of different activities happening this week.

Connor was excited to share and teach the rest of us a reef knot that he had been practising at home with his Grandad.

Naomi and La'Shae made a sword using the square lashing that we learnt last week. They looked great!


Mrs Bradley was keeping score with the skittles (that we made a couple of weeks ago).


Congratulations to Corey, who was the overall winner!

Corey, Rosie, Bailey and La'Shae worked under the shelter to fill up and make popcorn bird feeders.


Rosie was very brave and made a fishing rod out in the rain!


There are lots of other photos to see what we've been doing in the school gallery part of the website!

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