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Week 11 at Forest Schools

Spooky goings on...

We had a spooky time time this week during Forest School!

We started off by Connor showing and explaining to the group his quarterstaff, that he had "whittled" with his Grandad at home.


Click on the link to find out what a quarterstaff is used for!

We then had a "visit into the woods" we found lots of scary creatures like talking trees, and zombie vampires!

Noah came to visit today with a bird's nest that he had found and wanted to show the Forest School crew. It was a lovely nest and we were really pleased he came to visit.


Next we had a spooky satsumas and creepy chocolate for snack.


After snack we had lots of different experiences happening. Mrs Broadhurst was making lolly spiders and painting stones to turn into pumpkins.


Mrs Bradley made scary wind chimes, using leaves, sticks,strung and paint.


Eating jelly "worms" was fun!


Miss Singleton was helping Rosie, La'shae and Naomi make ghost bunting. To do this they used square cuts of material, string and stones.


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