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Week 12 at Forest Schools

Leaves, leaves and more leaves...

This week at Forest Schools La'shae, Bayley and Rosie bought some things to show us that they had collected whilst being out and about. "Leopard La'shae" collected some horse chestnut shells, they were very spikey!

"Crockybay" brought a great pine branch, that still had a couple of the cones attached. Also some lovely holly and berries. 

"Rosie Robin" had two fantastic pine cones for us all to see!

We all had fun looking at the natural objects.


We spent a long time this week collecting leaves to create our animal leaf collages.



They all looked fabulous! Miss Singleton was really pleased with us because we all took our time to complete them carefully.


Whilst looking for leaves we found lots of interest insects and mushrooms.



Great friends!

"Danielle the Donkey" made a great leaf wind-chime!


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