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Week 13 at Forest Schools

New recruits...

This week at Forest Schools we had two new recruits, "Nuts" and "Gruff"! Each week two members of our Forest School will take either "nuts" or "Gruff" home with them. They will also take their adventure book too, to record any outings they go on.

 La'shae and George were the first people to take them on their adventure.

As the weather has dropped a little colder now, we had hot chocolate and biscuits for snack. Yum, Yum!


We had a talk about what how squirrels are very busy at this time of year, gathering and storing food for over winter time. We then each had our own squirrel and set off to find food for it.


We had great fun searching!



Meanwhile Connor and La'shae decided to build "Nuts" and "Gruff" a home.


Next we gathered back together and showed the group what we had collected.


Danielle's squirrel was very pretty!

There are lots of other pictures to see in the school gallery!

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