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Week 14 at Forest Schools

Visitors, woodland creatures and more...

We were very lucky this week at Forest Schools not to get wet! The rain held off throughout the whole session, phew!

We had an important visitor to Forest Schools this week, Mrs Upton.

First we sat in the log circle and listened carefully to "George the Grasshopper" and "Leopard La'shae" talk about their week with Gruff and Nuts.


It sounded like they both had a very exciting week!

Next we played a pairs game; we all had a card with either an animal or a habitat on it. Our job (without using our voices) was to find our partner with the matching habitat to our animal.


Sitting with our partner we shared with the others, what animal we had and where that animal would live. Miss Singleton then told us the names of our animals babies and what a group of our animal was called.


Mrs Upton then joined us for hot chocolate and raisins, unfortunately she then had to go.

We then went on to create some amazing woodland creatures out of clay.



Whilst doing this we had a couple of other visitors!!

The end results of our creatures was fantastic!!!




This week "Taylor the Tiger" and "Daniel the Donkey" will be taking home Gruff and Nuts. I can't wait to hear about what they have been doing!

There are lots more photos to see in the Gallery section of the website!

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