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Week 15 at Forest Schools

Getting ready for Christmas...

It was a lovely sunny afternoon this week at Forest Schools.

"Taylor the Tiger" and "Daniel the Donkey" did an excellent job showing and telling us what Nuts and Gruff had been up to.


They sound like they have had a brilliant time with these two boys!

Next we had a game of "follow my leader". We did lots of running and funny moves.


After that we had snack and hot chocolate under the shelter; we needed the rest!

Following that we thought we'd get festive and make some Christmas decorations. Miss Singleton reminded us of the clove hitch knot that we did a few weeks ago. She also taught us a new sheer lashing.  Using these too knots we made some five pointed stars, using twigs and string!


Miss Singleton was very impressed with Taylor, who took himself away and tried very hard with his knots!

This week "Danielle the Deer" and "Corey the Cat" are taking home Nuts and Gruff. I wonder what adventures they'll get up to this week!


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