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Week 16 at Forest School

Sock snowman and more...

This week at Forest School unfortunately "Mrs Broadhurst the Butterfly" couldn't't make it to Forest School because she wasn't feeling well :(

However Mrs Jackson stepped in to help out! :)

We started off by "Danielle the Deer" and "Corey the Cat" sharing with us what Gruff and Nuts had been up to. As always they've both been on some wonderful adventures and both Danielle and Corey have done some lovely pictures in their adventure books. 




Afterwards we all worked together to lines our selves up in height, house number and birthday month order. We organised our selves really well!


We really enjoyed hot chocolate and biscuits under the shelter this week.

Following that Mrs Jackson helped us to make a snowman, using socks, rice and different things to decorate them. They looked fabulous when they were finished.


Whilst Mrs Bradley and Miss Singleton helped some of us finish the stars from last week.  

These also looked great! 


Miss Singleton is going to spray them gold and return them to us next week.

"Annaconnor" and "Naturing Naomi" took Gruff and Nuts home this week, I wonder what they'll get up to? 

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