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Group 2 Week 2 at Forest Schools

Friendship bracelt making with dragons breath...

What a lovely winters afternoon we had this week at Forest School.

We started off with a really fun game which involved seeing how many balls we could throw and catch at one time. This was great fun and we manage to get 5 balls going around the circle at the same time!

Next we worked in pairs and went off into the forest to see if we could find anything interesting that we could show to the rest of the group.


Lots of interesting items were found, "tooth brushes, broom sticks and magic wands!". "Noah the Nut" and "Alfie the Ant" made a little display using the items they had found. 

"Chloe the Cheetah" and "Rylea the Robin" made a fantastic stick man together, using string for lashings and other great natural materials.


Whilst we were out and about collecting our objects a huge dragon passed through our Forest and breathed all other one of our bushes! We used the dragons breath to make fantastic friendship bracelets. We worked together in pairs, taking turns to make each other a bracelet.



To finish our session we wrote down some of our thoughts about how we feel about how the session went!




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