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Group 2 - Week 3 at Forest Schools

Home building for hibernating mammals...

The weather wasn't great this week at Forest Schools, although it didn't put us off having a fabulous time!

Miss Singleton gave us different cards that had animal footprints on. Our job was to find a partner that had the matching card to you. But you wasn't allowed to say the name of the animal, you had to give clues to work out what animal they had.

We then talked about hibernating. Did you know that only 3 British mammals hibernate?

Answer: Bats, dormice and a hedgehogs!

We then made little homes that our wood animals could live in or even hibernate in. We collected different materials from thre forest floor to create these.



We also made clay animals to live in them.

It was really interesting visiting each home and finding out about all the different areas that the animlas had.


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