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Group 2 - Week 5 at Forest School

Wolves and mucky bird feeders...

It was a lovely sunny but cold afternoon this week at Forest Schools. To warm us up we had a game of "Wolf!". The wolf's job was to catch all the bunnies before their scurried down their burrows.


Today we made our own bird feeders and filled them with bird seed, oats, flour and lard.

Miss  Singleton then showed us how to complete a square lashing, to lash together two sticks of dowel. This job was a little fiddly but we soon got the hang of it.


Next we thread a plastic cup through the string and tied the string back onto the lard.

Afterwards was the messy task! We used bird seed, flour, oats and lard to create the filling. we did this by mixing the ingredients with our hands, it was DISGUSTING!!!


We then packed it into the cups. They now need to be put somewhere cold so next week we can take off the cups and hang our feeders .

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