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Group 2 - Week 6 at Forest School

Human animals and twig frames...

This week was another chilly week at Forest Schools, although we were wrapped up nice and warm so we didn't feel the cold!

We started off this week by removing the plastic cups off our bird feeders and hanging them up in our woodland area. We are hoping that this will attract lots of different varieties of birds to our forest.


Making ourselves into "Human Animals" was fun!

Rylea, Chloe and Noah changed themselves in to an ant.

Lydia, Chloe and Alfie created a chameleon lizard.

Victoria and Romeo transformed in to a fox.

Alfie found some mushrooms and spent some time with Mrs Lambert discovering which type they were.


We think they were Deceiver mushrooms.

Following this we got in to groups of 2 or 3 and using the lashing skills we learnt last week, we created some twig frames.


They turned out fantastic!


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