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Group 3 - Victoria Park Visit!

An exciting visit to Victoria Park...

Last week the Forest School group, had a walk to Victoria Park! We had an amazing time an did lots of exciting activities.

When we got there we met Helen (Victoria Parks warden) and Richard. We split into two groups. One group collected logs with Richard. The logs were then dragged to create a fire circle, using the timber hitch knot.


Whilst the second group listened to Helen talk about all fire triangle. The fire triangle is all the elements needed to make fire.

Image result for fire triangle


We did lots of running around and playing hide and seek!



Danny found a beautiful ladybird!

Reece the Robin and Kitty the Kitten practised lighting and extinguishing pieces of cotton wool.


Then did an excellent job starting the fire using the fire striker.


Danny the Dog helped to keep the fire gong by wafting air into it.

We also whittled green sticks with potato peeler, so we could use them to toast our marshmallows.


Next we toasted them on the fire.



Yum, Yum!


The session finished with some refection on how Forest Schools is helping us.


From everyone at Forest School we want to say a HUGE thankyou to Helen and Richard for an amazing afternoon!!!

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