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What's been happening in 6B this week?

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  • 03/07/12


    This half term we have been rehearsing for our Y6 leavers production 'Splash!' We are very excited! Please take a look!
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  • 29/05/12

    Jubilee Celebrations in 6B

    We can't wait to celebrate the Queen's Diamond jubilee in 6B on Thursday 31st May! Please take a look at our preparations for the day.
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  • 28/05/12

    Sewing Sensations revisited!

    Please take a look at the sewing that the children finished as part of their Tudor themed 'Who Rules?' topic.
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  • 29/03/12

    Our Theme Projects

    In January, 6B were set a project homework task for Literacy. It has been so successful that I wanted to share the children's projects on the website. Please take a look.
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  • 22/03/12

    Our Open Classroom

    Today 6B invited parents, grandparents and carers into the classroom to see the children's learning environment.
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  • 22/03/12

    Sewing Sensations!

    Since half term, we have been developing our sewing skills in Design & Technology.
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  • 22/02/12

    Great Expectations

    For Book Week, 6B are learning about Pip and his Great Expectations.
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  • 02/02/12

    Who Rules?

    Please take a look at our perfect portraits!
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  • 11/01/12

    The Bookworm's Den!

    Hi, and welcome to 6B's reading area.
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  • 09/01/12

    Year 6 New Literacy Homework Project

    This term year 6 children have been asked to complete a Theme based project as part of their Literacy homework.
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  • 07/01/12

    P.E. returns to a Friday

    P.E. is now on a Friday afternoon again for this term.
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  • 16/12/11

    Personification Poems

    This week the children in 6B have been learning about personification.
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