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Key events in 6M

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  • 02/07/12

    The year 6 leavers play!

    Recently we started rehearsing our play called 'Splash'.
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  • 02/07/12

    Olympic theme

    This term in 6M, we are producing Olympic projects.
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  • 03/05/12

    Penalty Shootout Competition.

    Recently, we held a penalty shootout courtesy of FA Skills.
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  • 09/03/12

    Numeracy Links

    Here are some links to help you with the areas of maths you are not confident with.
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  • 01/03/12

    Our open classroom!

    Parents have been invited in to see our classroom.
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  • 09/01/12

    Year 6 Literacy Homework Project

    This term year 6 children have been asked to complete a Theme based project as part of their Literacy homework.
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  • 15/12/11

    Bird Boxes

    We have been designing and building bird boxes.
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  • 23/11/11

    Balanced Arguments

    Should a factory be built on Rutland Rec?
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