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Exciting events in 3M!

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  • 19/07/12

    The End !!!!!!!!!....

    It has been a great year and I have loved being your teacher..  
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  • 02/07/12

    Boggy but Brill!!!!!

    Today Monday 2nd July was Chaucer Junior School Sport's Day. We like to do things differently..... We don't have the hot weather  and sunshine that most people expect in July. We get... WIND, RAIN and DAMPNESS  but plenty of  smiling, happy faces.
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  • 26/06/12

    Super Sporting Day

    Today has been fun and exciting in 3M. We have tried out fencing, handball, volleyball and boccia
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  • 20/06/12

    SATs Week

    In year 3 this week we are doing our Sat test. Reading, Writing and Numeracy tests.  
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  • 13/06/12

    Please come

    In life we are always being asked to go somewhere, or do something or buy something too. This is called persuassion.
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  • 29/05/12

    Fluttering year 3

    Year 3 pupils visited Derby Theatre today to watch THE BUTTERFLY LION being performed.
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  • 25/05/12

    MONEY, MONEY, MONEY, success, success, success

    Year 3 had a fantastic evening at their Bring and Buy sale.
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  • 22/05/12

    Enterprise Time...

    You have not seen anything yet!! Children in year 3 have been learning new skills that will equip them for life. There are budding Alan Sugars, Apprentices of the future and candidates for Dragons Den too.
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  • 15/05/12


    What can you do with numbers ?  + - x and divide. Being able to solve problems is a useful skill to have. Try the games below
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  • 09/05/12

    I am lost!!

    Finding your way around is very important. You might need to get somewhere special or you might need to find something.  Map reading skills are vital life skills. Using symbols, grid references and words linked to directions is the starting point.
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  • 30/04/12

    Enterprise Bring and Buy Sale

    Year 3 Bring and BUY Sports Sale Thursday 24th May 3.30 - 4.45 Chaucer School Hall
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