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SHOCK!!!What about Chaucer Chat!!!

This is issue no.2 just for you. We are very excited about releasing our Christmas edition for Chaucer chat.We have more competitions which means more prizes.HOORAY.We will be releasing another Chaucer chat probably an Easter edition after the christmas editon.I think you will enjoy this edition better than the last one but I don't know you will have to wait and see, hopefully you will like it ?  Written by Olivia Bloor                                  

Some of the competitions:Disco competition , Football competition , Olympic competition and the Christmas competition.We did a football page so we interviewed Cody and Lewis about who they played and what they scored. I am delighted to say that most people that enter the competitions will get a prize. I am going to tell you about one very special competition in the school.We have done a competition called the Christmas hunt which is on the playground , we have put some christmas pictures around school for example an elf named Bauble , all you need to write down is the name and  its code ,so when the Christmas edition of Chaucer Chat is out start hunting.


NIGHTMARE on Chaucer chat street!!!


Read on.


As we were selling Chaucer chat we ran out so it was really hard to get them copied from the printer and bring it all the way to the verrander that was really hard.

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