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Let's Get Cooking get flipping on Pancake Day!

This week at cooking club we made pancakes as it was Shrove Tuesday.  We found out that different countries have different styles of pancakes and we made pancakes from the Netherlands and America.  The pancakes from the Netherlands were unusual because once we had made the batter we had to cook it in the oven. We added a cinnamon apple mixture to one lot and a banana mixture to the other tray. 

After these went into the oven we started on our American pancakes. American pancakes are much thicker than normal pancakes, we also added fruit to ours.  We could choose to add raspberries or blueberries. Omera made her own creation by choosing to add cheese to hers.  These pancakes were very quick to cook!

Once cooked we were surprised by how tasty the Netherland's pancakes were. Mrs Upton also came  to sample our cooking and gave her seal of approval to the banana pancakes!

Here are the recipes that we made

Netherland's Apple Pancakes


and the American Pancakes


Hope you enjoy making them as much as we did!







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