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Monday 13th April, first day back,filmclub  will be in 5W for the whole half term. We would like to welcome Y3 to filmclub, now its a whole school club

It is 1000 years into the future, and the planet is all but unrecognisable. After a terrible catastrophe, the world is given over to isolated settlements of what remains of the human population, while between them lie toxic jungles inhabited by giant insects. Amid this strange scene, a princess named Nausicaa has her home in the peaceful Valley of the Wind, from where she is able to communicate with the insects with telepathy. When two neighbouring communities go to war and history seems set to repeat itself, she must do all she can to save the planet, in this visually amazing story from Japan's master of anime, Hayao Miyazaki. (Originally in Japanese, this film has been dubbed into English)

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