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  • 09/07/13

    Keep Marching!

    Today we have done our Enterprise March.
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  • 02/07/13

    Didgeridoo Fun!

    3M have been making sweet music with their didgeridoo's!
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  • 02/07/13

    Going Greek

    3M tried their hands (and feet) at some Greek dancing
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  • 26/06/13

    Our Sporty Week

    This week in 3M we have been taking part in many sports activities and events.
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  • 22/06/13

    Volcanoes Erupt at Chaucer

    It started like any other day....
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  • 19/06/13

    Battling Boudicca

    roleplaying parts of an account they had read about the famous Celtic rebel
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  • 10/06/13

    Plants, Seeds and Soil!

    We have had great fun starting are plant experiments.
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  • 07/06/13

    Project - Are we on the right path?

    Project Grid for Summer 2 - Are We On The Right Path?
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  • 03/06/13

    Welcome Back

    Welcome back 3M, what a great start you've made!
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  • 20/05/13


    Budding performers in 3M. Some fantastic poetry written by 3M. The whole weeks work focused on Pompeii
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  • 14/05/13

    Our Science Investigation

    We have had a great lesson in science, investigating the force created by an elastic band!
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