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  • 20/06/13

    SATS SATS SATS!!!!!!

    This week in 5s we have had a very have hard week with our sats!!!!! But now that its over we have so much to look forward to!!!!!  
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  • 14/06/13

    5S Terrorise their Teacher!

    5S instruct other children on how to drive your teacher to insanity! (They are experts!)
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  • 07/06/13

    Eventful week!

    This week in 5S we've had laughter and we've had sadness throughout the whole room - we miss you Michael!
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  • 22/05/13

    Mask Makers

    Using some balloons as moulds and well-honed design skills, the children of 5S showed off their creative sides by producing some extremely colourful masks.
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  • 22/05/13

    5S' Last Week of Term

    It's the the last week of term and we have finally finished our myths!   Now we have moved on to planning our fables.  
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  • 15/05/13

    This week in 5S

    This week in 5S we've been learning all about Ancient Greece. ;-}   Our picture is Joshua's favorite myth Theseus and the Minotaur.
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  • 01/05/13

    God Factor

    On Tuesday, Y5 entertained the school by holding God Factor auditions in a special assembly. While Ares, Aphrodite, Hades and others put forward compelling arguments to be installed as the new king of the gods...but Zeus was was unwilling to give up his crown without a fight!
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  • 26/04/13

    The Groovy Greeks!

    For the last couple of weeks, we've been doing a new theme...
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  • 15/04/13

    Summer 5 Homework Project Grid

    We have a new theme this summer term - Who were the Groovy Greeks? Have a look at the homework project grid for summer 5.
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  • 28/03/13

    5S' Super Shelters!

    We have designed, built and evaluated some shelters for the rainforest!
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  • 28/02/13

    Amazon Rainforest Project Homework grid for Spring 4

    Here is the new choice grid of activities to complete your Amazon Rainforest themed project for Spring 4!
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