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Autumn Writing Targets

Attention parents, carers and children!!!

Here are your writing targets.

These are our new writng targets for the Autumn term.

Rosie & Joseph Moving from 1a/2c towards a 2c/2b

I can write sentences that the reader can understand and make sure they are punctuated correctly.

The scruffy, black dog scampered the park. What time will you be having your tea?

 Kaydee, Lennox & Kieran Moving from 3b/3b+ towards a 3a

I can check my work to make sure it makes sense and is grammatically correct.


Travis & Bradley Moving from 2a/3c towards a 3c/3b

I can use interesting ways to describe the setting and characters so the reader can imagine it.

' The airport was crowed, everybody seemed to be rushing about and looking for somebody they knew in the sea of faces that filled every corner of the larger terminal. The chatter of friends meeting and parting, farewells of loved ones drowned out the constant final calls for boarding of flights across the loudspeakers. David stood by the door looking in to the large building, altough it was crowed he felt very much alone.'

Abbie Moving from 3a towards a 4c

I can use paragraphs to help me organise my writing.

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