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Spring 1 Numeracy Targets!!!

Attention parents, carers and children!!!

Here are your numeracy targets.


These are our new Numeracy targets for the Spring 1 term.


Kieran Moving from level 4a towards 5c

I can multiply a 3 digit number by a 2 digit number.


Bradley Moving from level 3a to 4c

I can solve divide problems including TU / U and HTU / U


Kaydee Moving from level 3b+ to 3a

I know the 3 and 4 times table including the division facts.  


Abbie Moving from level 3b towards 3a

I can use formal written methods when solving addition and subtraction problems.


Lennox Moving level from 3b towards 3a

I can add and subtract numbers up to a 1000 on paper and solve problems with this method.


Travis Moving from level 3c+ to 3b

I can use informal written methods when solving addition and subtraction.


Rosie and Joseph Moving from level 2c+ towards 2b

I can double numbers to 5 and halve numbers to 10.

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