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Medieval Nottingham!!!

Come and have a go at our Medieval Nottingham quiz!!!

During literacy we have been looking at the Legend of Robin Hood. We have researched medieval Nottingham and we thought you may like to take part in our medieval quiz.


***There will be a prize of £5 Ryman's voucher for the person with the most correct answers!!!***


The information you need is around school - Look out for Robin to help you.

Statue of Robin Hood, Nottingham, On the Robin Hood Trail

1.) What was the population of Nottingham in the year 1300?


2.) What do you buy at the markets?


3.) Why were the big towns on rivers and near the sea?


4.) What animals could you see in the streets?


5.) Why were the streets usually dirty?


6.) What time did the shops open and close?


7.) What time did people eat their first meal?


8.) Why was fire a big problem?


9.) Why were bells important?


10.) What age were children when they started work?


Please leave your answers and name in the comment box below:


e.g   Mrs Starling

       1. 65000 (this is not the correct answer!)


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