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Glamorous Grammar !!!

Glamourous Grammar


 Did you know that the word 'glamour' (think movie stars, limousines, expensive shoes!) comes directly from our word grammar.

In the Middle Ages (think Robin Hood, Medieval Britain, 15th century, Black Death!) the word 'Grammar' meant to learn.

The Scottish (think haggis, Loch Ness Monster, Ben Nevis!) pronounced the word 'gammar' as 'glamour' so the in the early 18th century the English (think King Arthur, fish and chips, Tudors, David Beckham!) called it 'glamorous grammar' which means 'beautiful learning!' 

We have been practising our grammar. It is important because writing doesn't make sense without it! Never forget your punctuation, always use powerful adjectives and remember complex sentences make writing more exciting!

Here are some fun things for you to do to improve your grammar!

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