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4E Blog for 2013/2014

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  • 18/06/14

    Thursday Maths

    Today in 4E you will be solving problems that require you to find all of the possibilities. 1) Read the problem and read it again.  2) Spend some time exploring the problem and deciding the most helpful way to find all of the solutions.  3) Calculate the answers 4) Report your so...
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  • 14/06/14

    Maths websites to brush up your skills

    Assessment week revision Brush up on your maths skills. Choose the areas you are least confident in from the list below. 
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  • 11/06/14

    Project Grid Summer 2 -->Due 18 July 2014

    New project grids are out! 
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  • 11/04/14

    4E Lift Off!

    5.......4.........3.........2...........1..............Lift off!
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  • 07/04/14


    Please enter an introduction for your blog post here
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  • 28/01/14

    Recycling Reminder - Rockets

    Don't forget to save up your empty 2L drink bottles ready for rocket building next term.
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  • 18/01/14

    Writing with a purpose: Stories with Imaginary Settings

    Over the last 2 weeks all of the children in 4E have been working extremely hard on their stories set in an imaginary world. We are very much looking forward to sharing these with year two's next Friday morning at Chaucer Infant School to see what they think. 
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  • 09/01/14

    Fraction Fun

    This week we have been learning about fractions. Follow the links for lots of fraction fun!
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  • 09/01/14

    Project Homework

    Welcome back! New Year, new term new topic!
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  • 08/01/14

    Happy New Year

    4E have enjoyed a happy but busy start to the new year
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  • 19/11/13

    Anti Bullying Artwork

    4E have embraced the anti-bullying theme for this week by creating a colourful collage
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