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5S Blog

5S Blog for 2013/14.

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  • 16/06/14

    Crowning Glory!

    We've been learning about instructions for the last couple of weeks and we thought we'd share some exciting activities.
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  • 16/06/14

    Project Reminder!

    Don't forget to continue on your project work for this term! I look forward to seeing it :)
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  • 30/04/14

    Homework Grid

    Please click here to view this term's Homework Project grid ...
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  • 04/04/14

    Beautiful Butterflies and Wonderful Weekdays!

    Hatching wildlife, afternoon of culture, a bashful Chaucer Champion and athletic superstars!
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  • 28/03/14

    Malawi letters

    Have you read the Malawi letters yet?
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  • 26/03/14

    What is this blog about? ...find out!

    Next week who can guess what the blog is about...
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  • 20/03/14

    Have you ever seen a caterpillar cocoon?

    We have 5 painted lady butterflies and 2 already has started cocooning,its name is called Frankydoodledoo.
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  • 12/03/14

    Welcome to the surprise!

    This week we had a surprise see what it is...
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  • 27/02/14

    New Homework Grid

    Click here to view this half term's new homework grid for completing your Amazon Rainforest project...
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  • 07/02/14

    We can't wait for the 500 words competition

    We are very excited for the 500 Word Competition at Chaucer next week, on Thursday.
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  • 17/01/14

    The Great Kapok Tree

    5S were excited to begin rehearsals for their Year 5 assembly with 5W!
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  • 06/01/14

    Spring 3 Homework Grid

    Please click here to view this term's homework project grid for Can we save the rainforest?
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