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Spring 3 Homework Grid

Please click here to view this term's homework project grid for Can we save the rainforest?

Year 5 Homework Project for Spring 3

  Select at least 6 of the following tasks to be completed by Wednesday 12th Feb


Design a front cover for your Theme project.

It must include:

Your name

Title – Can we save the rainforest?

A relevant picture


Create a fact file for an endangered species


Research the advantages and disadvantages of living near a rainforest & record in a list.

Record the similarities & differences between different rainforests in a table,

e.g. Amazon and Congo rainforests


Create a contents page

with page numbers and titles


Write a short story based in the Amazon rainforest.


Research a story which originates from South America and retell using own words.


Draw an Amazon rainforest scene


Complete an A-Z list of words associated with rainforests.


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