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World 5000m Challenge

Can Chaucer break the World Record?

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Can Chaucer break the World Record?

As part of the Eveque Sportshall endurance development programme, teams from all around the world will be competing simultaneously to break and set new World Records over the Marathon and 5000m distances!

Chaucer Junior School will participate in the World 5000m Challenge on Monday 29th September, when the 26 fastest children in school over 200m will combine as a sprint relay team at Rutland Sports Park. Their targets to beat are overall times of 12 minutes and 37.35 seconds, which is the actual Men's World Record set by Ethiopian athlete Kenenisa Bekele...or 14 minutes and 11.15 seconds, which is the Women's World Record set by another Ethiopian, Tirunesh Dibata.

For more info on the World 5000m Challenge please click here. You can also view a map, which shows the other schools that are taking part across the globe.

99 children took part in Chaucer's internal trials. Everyone who tried out for the team receives 1HP, while the quickest boy and girl from each class receive 3HPs.

The final overall leaderboard is;

  • 1st - Samuel Parkes
  • = 2nd - Finn Eliott-Hufton, Liam Flitter & Tyler Place
  • = 5th - Katelyn Hanson & Morgan Wilson
  • = 7th - Emily Pickering, Denver Toplis, Ryan Grindle, Charlotte Nuttall & Evie Sisson
  • = 12th - Lucy Stevenson & Evie Bloor
  • = 14th - Emma East, Joel Searcy, Macie Lees-Vince, Ruby Bray, Levi Whitehead, Lewis Brown & George Levers
  • = 21st - Ethan Lowe, Billy Lynch, Isabella O'Connor, Leo Hallam & Ashton Anderson
  • 26th - Danae Matthew*

  • = 27th - Emily Starbrook, Noah Smedley, Iris Castro, Katie Mill & Julia Skrowronska
  • 32nd - Declan Mycroft
  • = 33rd - Jack Mercer & Archie Smith
  • = 35th - Thomas White & Amelia Faulks
  • = 37th - Jack Lowe, Oliver Burrows & Sandra Czajowska
  • = 40th - Chloe Knight, Jyamor Manzano, Ayman Walker & Laniyah Pynegar
  • = 44th - Jessica Stanfield, Ethlan Vincent, Harrison Hazard & Connor Stevens

* After head-to-head race.

Class Winners - 3HPs Each: (3S) Jack Lowe, Jessica Stevenson, (3T/M) Noah Smedley, Chloe Knight, (4R) Lewis Brown, George Levers, Danae Matthew, (4O/S) Archie Smith, Lucy Stevenson, (5S) Ryan Grindle, Katie Mill, (5W) Morgan Wilson, Charlotte Nuttall, (6H) Billy Lynch, Ethan Lowe, Katelyn Hanson, (6S) Sam Parkes & Evie Bloor.

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