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Double Delight!

Chaucer's young athletes enjoyed an incredible day of excitement and success at Erewash School Sports' annual Sportshall Athletics competitions!

Chaucer's young athletes enjoyed an incredible day of excitement and success at Erewash School Sports' annual Sportshall Athletics competitions!

This morning a Year 3/4 team (Levi Whitehead, Danae Matthew, Lucy-May Stevenson, Aaliyah Hemming, Carmen Jackson, Julia Skrowronska, Victoria Knighton, Amelia Faulks, Jessica Stanfield, Kiera Broderick, Olivia Towle, Lucy Lynch, Madeline Ludlam, George Levers, Harry Drew, Leo Hallam, Lewis Brown, Jack Lowe, Matez Zubor, Jake Wilson, Harison Hazard, Ayman Walker, Damian Lloyd, Rory Starbrook and Adam Zubor) braved some blustery, sleety conditions to make the trip across Ilkeston to Rutland's tennis centre.

Things went very well on the track. Although the races were on a time-trial basis, and final placings are unknown at this time, Chaucer's runners were on fire and won the vast majority of the heats in which they took part. In fact, Chaucer crossed the line first in 10 of the 12 races! (They were 2nd in the other two races!)

There was similar success in the field events. Although all results are unconfirmed, a number of children reported back claiming to have achieved very good results in the throwing & jumping disciplines and some even set new personal bests! (Click here for confirmed results.)

These consistently high standards meant that Chaucer finished ahead of the 7 other participating schools with 362 points, 98 points ahead of Scargill in 3rd and 58 points ahead of runners-up Ladywood. Each member of the team won a medal, which they wore with pride!

For more Y3/4 photos please click here.

Following an early dinner, the Y5/6 team made its own way to Rutland, where on route they met their victorious Y3/4 counterparts brandishing medals. Determined not to be outdone by the younger Chaucer athletes, the Upper School children (Liam Flitter [c], Morgan Wilson, Joel Searcy, Finn Elliott-Hufton, Connor Stevens, Denver Toplis, Sam Parkes, Cai Murden, Kyle Spurr, Ethlan Vincent, Ewan Buda, Benjamin Broderick, Jack Mercer, Aaliyah Proctor, Emma East, Iris Castro, Emily Starbrook, Charlotte Nuttall, Bethanie Glenn, Evie Bloor, Katelyn Hanson, Macie Lees-Vince, Evie Sisson, Katie Mill, Martyna Kluch & Emily Pickering [c]) set about their task with gusto.

The afternoon session was like an action replay of the morning! Combining excellent performances in the field with express speed on the track, Chaucer wasted no time in piling up the points. Wins in the heats of both the girls' and boys' Obstacle Races gave the team momentum, which led to 8 Chaucer wins out of a possible 12. (Click here for confirmed results.)

The overall standings were; 9th Kensington (130points), 8th Stanley St Andrews (160p), 7th Hallam Fields (180p), 6th Sawley (234p), 5th Firfield (242p), 4th Ladywood (274p), 3rd Scargill (276p), 2nd St Thomas (310p) and 1st Chaucer (362points). Therefore, Chaucer retained its Erewash Sportshall Champions title from last year and qualifies for the Derbyshire County Finals in March.

Amazingly, the Y3/4 and Y5/6 teams ended up with the exact same score (362)...and almost the same winning margin. It was almost like déjà vu!

I'm sure the Upper Schoolers were quite delighted (and relieved) to match the achievements of the Y3/4 team and earn winners' medals of their own!

It would be unfair of me to single out any members of the either of Chaucer's teams for extra praise because, quite simply, everyone was outstanding. The atmosphere within the teams was superb and the amount of effort put in before and during the event made the staff and onlooking parents extremely proud.

Thanks to Eveque and Erewash SSP for arranging such a fantastic day of sport. Many thanks to Mr & Mrs Wheatley, Mrs Hayes, Mrs Topley, Mrs Hodkinson & Mrs Jackson for their help today. Also thanks to the parents who were able to come along to cheer the children on and enjoy the day with them!

~ Mr Woodcock

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To see Chaucer's confirmed placings for each event, please click here.

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