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basketball tournament

Interschool Basketball Tournament


Interschool Basketball Tournament

Kirk Hallam Technology College

Tuesday 17th Januay 2012


The Chaucer Chargers were all geared up and ready for the competition.  Looking smart in their black and white kit with Chaucer emblazoned on the back, the team consisted of:

George (Bouncer) Ball

Jordan (Jumper) Clark

Maisie (Lay up) Le Grove

Kieran (Leaper) Lynch

Lydia (Passer) Pike

Georgia (Slamdunk) Stevenson

Joshua (Dribbler) Woods

Team coach: Louise Bradley (England)

Assistant Coach: Mrs Bradley (Dinner Lady)

Team Organiser: Miss Oldnall

Chief Cheerleader: Abigail Le Grove


The Chaucer Chargers were ready for the off.  Louise gave the final team talk and as soon as the team were fired up they darted off to play St Thomas Junior School who were waiting on the court.

Play was fast and furious and the Chargers were charging all over the court.  This was the warm up game and unfortunately St Thomas came out on top winnng 8-4.  Chaucer moved on to the next game with fire in their belly.

Hallam Fields Junior School were up next, they looked fresh as they had been able to substitue the whole team for new players!  Chaucer only had two players in reserve at any one time so already they had all done plenty of court time. The whistle blew and they were off.  Again, play was fast but the Chargers had the upper hand and had quickly taken the lead.  A comfortable win from the Chargers taking the match by 8-6.

Well done the Chargers!

Now, can they keep up with the pace and win match number three?  Mapperley Junior School were up next, again they had brought many players and were able to substitue frequently.  The Chargers were looking a little red in the cheeks but still looked full of energy.   The whistle, and they were off, in the first minute of play there were 3 shots on the basket from the Chargers but alas, none went in.  Then, from out of nowhere came Lydia (Passer) Pike, she dribbled from centre court and took the shot!  Yes, 1-0 to the Chargers.  The tone was set and here comes Kieran (Leaper) Lynch to get basket Number 2, it's 2-0 to the Chargers.  Mapperly rally and take the next basket but they cant keep their momentum and here comes Maisie (Lay up) Le Grove with an excellent shot taking the 3rd basket for the Chargers!  Jordan (Jumper) Clark wants some of the action and goes for basket number 4,  he shoots and he scores!! 4-1 to the Chargers!


The referee calls half time and the Chargers take a well earned rest and take refreshment, Louise gives some coach chat and the team look ready to carry on with mangling Mapperley.  The whistle blows and it looks like Mapperley have gathered themselves, they get basket no's. 2, 3 and 4.  Georgia (Slamdunk) Stevenson doesn't let them celebrate for too long and shoots for basket no 5 for the Chargers, she shoots and she scores! 


Egged on by the quick goals, Leaper Lynch takes the 6th basket and here comes Slamdunk Stevenson again, its 7 for the Chargers.  Mapperley gallantly try to stop the mashing and score 2 more but Lay Up Le Grove sees them weakening and goes for a final basket.  The referee checks his watch and slowly lifts the whistle to his lips, Lay Up Le Grove is still eyeing up her basket, she takes the shot it bounces on the rim, the ref takes a breath, the ball balances on the rim and ........ in it goes!  The ref blows the whistle and its all over for Mapperley, the Chargers win 8-6


Can the Chargers make it 3-1? Their final match is with Firfields Junior School.  Firfields make a good start and get 2 baskets almost immediately, Chaucer are looking tired now, they have by far the fewest players and have been running on court for most of the tournament.  George (Bouncer) Ball takes a long shot from mid court, the ball arcs through the air and goes in!! An amazing shot from Bouncer!  Firfield score basket number 3 quickly followed by no 4, Leaper Lynch knows he has to do something so he gets the ball and dribbles it back from the other end of the court and without breaking his stride he shoots into the basket!  Another amazing goal which I am reliably informed by Mrs Bradley was called a 'Swish'.


Play gets even faster now, Bouncer Ball takes a shot again and is on target, the score is 4-3 to Firfields.  Chaucer are desparate, they need to get at least one more goal, they're looking tired though.  The Chargers have the ball and are beneath the goal, they take a shot, and another, and another, and another.  They get about 15 shots on goal and amazingly miss all of them, then the whistle blows.  Hard luck Chargers, you played really well.


Hallam Fields are the overall winners but the Chargers played brilliantly.  Better luck next time.




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