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Cyclo-Cross Champs!

The boy in front went slightly wide around the bend and Evie took her chance, diving up the inside to win by the width of her front tyre!

Chaucer's Cyclo-Cross team [Morgan Wilson, Thomas White, Evie Sisson (c), Daisy Mears-Miller, Liam Flitter and Billy Lynch] had a wonderful, exciting time at Kirk-Hallam last week as they were lucky enough to participate in the first ever Erewash "Go-Ride" Cyclo-Cross competition, against riders from Ockbrook, Scargill, Sawley, Mapperley, Ashbrook, Shardlow and Dallimore.

After a short practise period, where the children could get used to the bikes they had been provided with, the first race featured 2 boys from each team. Billy and Liam stepped forward. Unfortunately, Liam's bicycle was faulty (he'd had to select a different bike from the one he practised on because he and Billy had shared the same one earlier!) and he was unable to get away from the start line. Billy produced a great effort over the 3 lap distance to finish 3rd.

Evie and Daisy then took part in a girls' 3 lap race. Evie immediately powered away from everyone and went on to win comfortably. Daisy did her best to follow Evie and was well clear in 2nd place half-way through the race. However, her lead over the 3rd placed rider soon began to decrease and on the final lap the other girl caught up to be right on Daisy's back wheel. Daisy put in one last spurt of energy around the last bend, and did just enough to hang on to her 2nd place!

Next came a mixed race. As we only took 2 girls, Evie had to go again with no break in between. Liam was permitted a re-ride due to his equipment malfunction, while Morgan was also able to get into the action. By far the most thrilling ride of the day, Evie made her way through the field from a starting position towards the back. As the bell sounded to signal the final lap, Evie was all the way up to 2nd place but was still some distance behind the leader. Finding an extra reserve of strength, Evie went up the gears to close the gap to within a few yards at the last corner. The boy in front went slightly wide around the bend and Evie took her chance, diving up the inside to win by the width of her front tyre! Further back, Liam and Morgan both did very well, finishing in the chasing pack (3rd and 8th respectively - unofficially).

Four of Chaucer's cyclists then had to form a pursuit team to race against another school that started on the other side of the track. Thomas came into the line-up to lead the team away on the opening lap. Liam went on the 2nd bike. Evie was due to ride the anchor role but since she had just had 2 races and we were first up to go in the pursuit, we rearranged the order to save her legs a little! She went third and Billy took the last and most gruelling position.

Thomas got the team off to a decent start before peeling off the course. Liam took over and again put in a good stint at the front. However, the opposition team were slightly ahead at the half-way point. Evie took over the lead role when Liam pulled over but still Chaucer trailed by several meters going into the 4th and final lap. Billy put in a great last leg of the race, overhauling the other team's last rider with a sprint finish. He crossed the line a couple of seconds before the rider on the opposite side of the track.

The pursuit race was a time trial, and we are unsure of how the team performed in comparison to all the other teams in that event. However, we assume the time was ok because at the end of the competition, after all the points were added up, Chaucer were named Erewash Cyclo-Cross Champions!

The Cycling team will now go to the Derbyshire County Finals on Tuesday 7th July at Trent College, along with the school's golf and tennis teams!

Thanks to Mrs Wheeldon for helping with transport.

~ Mr Woodcock

For more photos please click here.

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