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World Relay Challenge 2015

the following 28 children have been fast enough to win spots in the squad go to Rutland next week

Primary -> Endurance -> World 5000m Challenge

On September 29th, Chaucer will be taking part in the 5000m Eveque World Relay Challenge again.

To try out for the team, find Mr Woodcock over the next few days at lunch times and do a timed sprint. (Wearing your trainers will help!)

Places in the team are open to boys and girls from all year groups. All children that have a go will receive a House Point.

Last year 99 children tried out for the Chaucer team. These were narrowed down to a squad of 28 and we recorded the 11th fastest time in the World for our age group!

After Day One of the try-outs, Morgan Wilson led the way with the fastest sprint time but the chasing pack, headed by Declan Mycroft were hot on his heels... Ridiculously early try-out leaderboard;

1st - Morgan Wilson, 2nd - Declan Mycroft, 3rd - Levi Whitehead & Danae Matthew, 5th - Cai Murden, 6th - Ashton Anderson, 7th - Daniel Ward & Archie Smith & Lucy-May Stevenson.

After Day Two, 59 children had recorded sprint times. Archie Smith was the new leader over the shuttle run course we are using for the trials. It was close though. Less than 1 second separated the top 9 runners! Day 2 leaderboard;

1st - Archie Smith, 2nd - Morgan Wilson & Danae Matthew & Lucy-May Stevenson & Charlotte Nuttall, 6th - Declan Mycroft, 7th - George Levers, 8th - Ryan Grindle, 9th - Levi Whitehead, 10th - Cai Murden, 11th - Ashton Anderson & Joshua Bird, 13th - Daniel Ward, 14th - Carmen Jackson & Harison Hazard.

As of Day Three, 82 children had taken part. The top of the leaderboard changed again after Joel Searcy entered the contest and Morgan managed to run an improved time. Here's the top 10;

1st - Morgan Wilson & Joel Searcy, 3rd - Charlotte Nuttall, 4th - Archie Smith, 5th - Danae Matthew & Lucy-May Stevenson, 7th - Declan Mycroft, 8th - Lewis Brown, 9th - George Levers, 10th - Ryan Grindle & Harley Higgins.

A rain-punctuated Day Four saw only minor changes to the leaderboard. Denver Toplis is a new entry at number 5. Here is the top 10;

1st - Morgan Wilson & Joel Searcy, 3rd - Charlotte Nuttall, 4th - Archie Smith, 5th - Denver Toplis, 6th - Danae Matthew & Lucy-May Stevenson, 8th - Declan Mycroft, 9th - Lewis Brown, 10th - George Levers.

The lead remained unchanged but Lewis Brown was a big climber on Day Five, improving from 9th to 3rd. Jack Mercer also shaved more than a second off his best time to rocket into 11th;

1st - Morgan Wilson & Joel Searcy, 3rd - Lewis Brown, 4th - Charlotte Nuttall, 5th Archie Smith & George Levers & Harison Hazard, 8th - Denver Toplis, 9th - Danae Matthew & Lucy-May Stevenson.

After Day Six of competitive try-outs at dinner times, 114 children have posted times and the following 28 children have been fast enough to win spots in the squad go to Rutland next week.

  • 1st = Morgan Wilson = Joel Searcy
  • 3nd = Lewis Brown
  • 4th = Charlotte Nuttall
  • 5th = Archie Smith = George Levers = Harison Hazard
  • 8th = Denver Toplis
  • 9th = Danae Matthew = Lucy-May Stevenson
  • 11th = Jack Mercer
  • 12th = Declan Mycroft
  • 13th = Leo Hallam
  • 14th = Ryan Grindle = Harley Higgins
  • 16th = Jonathan Brain = Levi Whitehead = Cai Murden = Carmen Jackson
  • 20th = Ayman Walker
  • 21st = Joshua Bird = Ashton Anderson
  • 23rd = Daniel Ward
  • 24th = Matej Zubor
  • 25th = McKenzie Morley-Walker = Noah Smedley
  • 27th = Chloe Proctor
  • 28th = Daisy Mears-Miller

Well done to all the children who took part.

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